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Agricultural Laboratory Equipment

SALS is the Sole distributor of Perten & Chopin instruments in Zambia being the Zambia Representative for AE Solutions (AES)


Agri Enviro Solutions (AES) is a leading supplier of laboratory and scientific analytical equipment throughout South Africa and the SADEC region. AES appointed SALS in 2018 to be its sole supplier and distributor of its products in Zambia.

We have and always will be able to offer our customers total solutions to their physical and analytical testing requirements. We offer analytical equipment to the grains, flour, feed, food, environmental, water, mining and industrial industries, with full installation and training. This, coupled with comprehensive application support, after-sales support and training, has ensured our success throughout the years.

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Contact – and +260 96 8402391

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Water Purification Rings

SALS appointed as Sales Agent in Zambia for Wellan  2000 (Pty) Ltd, based in SA.

Wellan® 2000 Rings — This is the first type of ring we manufacture and it’s a fantastic solution for a chemical-free water treatment when corrosion/rust, lime scale, biological, bacteria, algae, etc. are the main problem. Installation of the rings are non intrusive and takes 5 min. Our rings secured around the outside of any sized pipe that requires water treatment.

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Contact – and +260 96 8402391

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Grain Grading Services

SALS is an SYGS Certified Grader of maize, wheat and soya, and provide the following services:

The handling of disputes, as well as legal representation in grain-related disputes;

grain management regarding storage, grading and quality control;

advising the Department of Agriculture and grain regulatory bodies on the compilation of amendments to the various grain regulations;

value-adding to wheat, maize and soya beans;

investigation in terms of various problems, including falling number, Fusarium, heat damage, stinking smut, mixing time, and disease and quality problems;

wheat crop quality and reference samples;

assessment of damage in terms of stored grain and hail damage;

the giving of advice to laboratories in terms of quality of grain; and

expert advice in terms of NIR and NIT (Near-Infrared Reflection and Near-Infra Transmission).


SALS is an SYGS Certified Grain Grader Trainer and can provide group and individual grain grading and grain storage management training sessions.

Contact – and +260 96 8402391

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SALS is the Zambia and Southern Africa Region Representative for the Myande Group of Companies Oils & Fats, Starch & Sweetener, Meal Fermentation Equipment & Projects

SALS market, promote and sell Myande’s Oil & Fat and Soya Processing products and projects


Background on Myande:

Founded in 2003, Myande Group is located in Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China. As one of the world's leading providers of integrated solutions in Oils & Fats, Starch & Derivatives, Meal Fermentation and Evaporation & Crystallization industries, Myande Group focuses on supplying turnkey solutions covering general layout plan, process design, R&D, equipment manufacturing, automatic control system, data integration, installation, supervision, commissioning, training and etc.

SALS was appointed in November 2020 as Myande’s Zambia and Southern Africa Region Representative to market, promote and sell Myande’s Oil & Fat and Soya Processing products and projects. Myande has an industry-leading manufacturing platform, with a manufacturing workshop area of nearly 80,000 square meters consisting of cutting, machining, welding, painting, assembly, packing and other sections

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Contact – and and +260 96 981 3181

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SALS was appointed in January 2021 as an Official Dealer for GSI Group South Africa (Pty) Ltd


As an official dealer of the well-known brand GSI®, The GSI Group South Africa (Pty) Ltd is situated in Johannesburg, a leader in Grain Storage, Drying & Conditioning, Handling Equipment, and Structures sales in Southern Africa.  With a locally based warehouse, they can offer cost-effective, time-efficient solutions for both Commercial and Farming clients.

For more than 20 years, been involved in the successful installation of Grain Storage facilities in several African markets, where no-nonsense operating parameters are essential.

The GSI Brand, along with all its products, has earned the reputation for being durable and cost-effective, with the added advantage of being customisable.

From site planning to installation and service, we are committed to our customers now and many years to come. When you buy GSI, you get the quality product of a worldwide leader and the local dependable service.


Today’s production requirements demand systems that excel in performance and are reliable year after year. In addition, our easy installation, low maintenance, simple operation, durability, flexibility, and operation efficiency are all carefully considered in the design and construction of every GSI product manufactured.

Never satisfied with the status quo, we are driven to provide top-of-the-line products that will protect, condition and move the grain you work so hard to produce. We are committed each and every day to provide the best service possible. We’re always growing, but we will never lose sight of the relationships that got us here in the first place. While our commitment to remain at the top runs deep, our commitment to you runs even deeper.


SALS promote and sell GSI’s silo’s, augers and other grain handling equipment

Website -

Contact – and +260 96 840 2391

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Management Consulting Services

which includes:

General Management, Business Development and Administration advisory services

Contact – and +260 96 216 5197

Milling and grain management advisory services

Contact – and +260 96 981 3181

After Sales support


SALS’s work only starts once the Laboratory product is sold to the customer; Correct set up of the new instruments is of cardinal importance some Lab equipment even require to set the correct altitude.


All calibration samples used by SALS for calibration of the instruments are South African Grain Laboratories (SAGL) certified

SALS has a good working relationship with SAGL who is a certified laboratory and used all over Southern Africa. Whether it’s 3 months, 6 months or annually, SALS will make sure your equipment is serviced and updated if required.

Service & Repairs

With service we replace lights and drivebelts and open the instruments and clean it. With repairs we mainly need to replace faulty parts and go as far as replacing a motherboard.

Contact us - and +260 96 840 2391


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